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Who are we?

We are Half Ticket Entertainment. A specialist agency with expertise in brand activation, contact programs and theme based events. Led by a young enthusiastic team, our fresh approach is what sets us apart. Always open to new ideas, we believe in going beyond our client’s requirement and achieving more than the set target. Collectively, our team has an experience of over ten years and have worked with big and well-known clients. At Half Ticket Entertainment, we are committed to use our team's expertise and experience to make your dream event a reality.

What's in a name?

Till the age we were eligible only for a half ticket, we liked to learn new things. We liked meeting new people. We liked making friends. We didn't judge, we loved. We smiled, laughed and cheered from our hearts. We were passionate about things we liked. We were curious about the things we disliked. There was no prejudice. Life was wonderful. By calling ourselves 'Half Ticket Entertainment’, we in a way promise and look forward to bringing the same spirit back with our work.

Our Mission

To make your event fun, entertaining and successful!

Corporate Events

To celebrate your annual day, award functions, or maybe just a fun filled event for no reason whatsoever. You can count on us. We would be with you right from the ideas for a theme, getting the venue in place, to execution.

School & College Contact Program

Schools and colleges are lesser known places for activations. However, they are also the most apt places. Where else will you find such a large captivated audience (read students) who are looking forward to learn while having a little fun. We understand schools and colleges like no one else. Right from conceptualizing the event, getting permissions to conducting the activity, our team will be with you through out.

Film Promotions

You must have heard about the many ways film promotions are done these days. We are sure we can suggest many more. From using the traditional platforms to using the traditional platforms in a modern way, rest assured, our superhit ideas and blockbuster executions will help you achieve your target easily.

Mall Activations

Malls have become the most lucrative marketing platforms these days. We could get you the required permissions and do the set up to make sure your event is successful.

Retail Activation

Promoting a brand at the point of purchase may seem easy, but it becomes challenging when the ask is to cut through the clutter. While doing retail promotions, we make sure, your product and your brand are at the forefront, driven by our ideas to make your message heard, seen and understood.

Our retail activation service include:

  • Trial and purchase
  • Strategies Product
  • Demonstrations
  • Product sampling
  • In-store demonstrations
  • Experiential expos
  • Out of store events

Work Hard.
Have Fun.
Make History.

*Kinjal 'The Mastermind' Patel*

With 13 years of industry experience and strong research skills, Kinjal Patel has the perfect solution no matter what the project need is. Her focus, quick-thinking and passion ensure that nothing goes wrong when she is around.

*Mansi 'The Doer' Dhruv*

With an experience of just 6 years, Mansi Dhruv’s working skills and achievements matches up to even the industry veterans. When it comes to executing events, she's a force to reckon with. Her drive, strong instincts and stronger willpower, make her the one-woman army that she is.

*Payal 'The Thinker' Gadkari*

Never at loss of words, Payal Gadkari always speaks her mind and puts solutions on the table only lateral thinkers like her are capable of. She has helped clients achieve even the toughest targets with her creativity and helped us get through the toughest days with her smile.

*Shweta 'The go-getter' Tripathi*

She is the perfect example of a powerhouse. A calm demeanor during stressful times, but a total fireball at work. She comes with 8 years of experience and 20 plus years of madness. Her strength lies in her ability to be reasonable when most of us don’t even make sense of the situation.